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TRITON underwater-housing is made for the Aaton XTR Super 16 and Canon zoom SC8x8 T2.4.
Designed and made by: Tony Holm.
6.3 - 50 mm zoom (Super-16) uw-corrector designed by Mr François Laurent, CETO SA
HEDÉN-servos for focusing and zooming.
Optical wiew-finder for left or right eye with a very big image.
Weight only 24 kg (53 lbs) including all.

Neutral our buoyant in water.

The housing is made of fiber-glas, fiber-carbon and polyester, anodised aluminium, stainless steel and Delrin.

Front optics is made in optical glass (three lenses).

The front will not leak even if the front-glass is broken.

Dubble o-rings for all dynamic sealings.

Ø 5.7 mm main o-rings.

Dubble ball-bearings for the focus- and zoom-control shafts.

Six ball-bearings for the apperture-shafts.

The main electric switch is secured in "on" or "off" position.

Controls for the following functions:
On/off (for all but the leak-warning that always is on).

On/off for the camera (it is possibel to lock the knob in desired position).

Distance. Aperture.
Speed (frames/s) (it is possible to lock the knob in desired position).

Exposure meter.

Acoustic and optical (LED) leak-warning.

Red light (LED) when the camera is running.

© Copyright Tony Holm. www.tonyholm.se