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Our old uw-housing for Pentax LX

designed and made by Tony Holm

This housing is designed for Pentax LX. Three different fronts makes it possible to use these lenses: 16 mm semi-fisheye (on the picture to the left), 35 mm, 50 mm (macro) and 100 mm (macro). Focusing is done with a Hedén servo and the wievfinder is turnable and can be used as a normal wievfinder or a 90° finder. That is very usable for low camera angels.

The housing is made of fiberglas and has been working for 20 years without any other maintenance than fresh water rinseing!

Focusing at the left handle. Aperture at the right handle.

The lower knob is for the winder.

The knob near the left handle is the main switch.

The knob near the right handle is for turning the wiev-finder to normal or 90°.

Gray knob at the top is for exposer-time.

Black plug on the top in the middle is for the flash-cable.

Viewfinder at 90 degrees angle.
Viewfinder in normal position.
Focusing is made with a HEDÉN-servo.
© Copyright Tony Holm. www.tonyholm.se