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Last update: June 2017
Tony Holm is an ambassador for EXPOSURE UNDERWATER

"Fish and Shrimp" (2015) about shrimp gobies and pistol shrimps. 1080 HD.

Press release about "Backpackers" our latest film (2012) in 1080 HD.

Press release about "Sid the Pike" our first film (2011) in 1080 HD.

Our films are on YouTube.

Tony Holm is a member of The Swedish Nature Photographers /N
Aqua Foto, Tony Holm started up in 1974. We are busy with stillpictures and filming under water taking natural history pictures. Our still pictures are sold by Azote - the green image agency.

The Swedish Film Institute have partly financed most of our films. Sveriges Television (Swedish public service TV) have broadcasted all the films made before "Sid the Pike" and partly financed most of them. WWF the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Film i Halland have supported us as well.

Ms Barbro Johansson has participated as a diver, still-picture photographer and field-assistant since 1976.

In the end of the 70-ties we started to design an underwater-housing for the French Super 16 camera Aaton 7. The shape of that camera makes it perfect for underwater filming. We also got in touch with Mr François Laurent in Switzerland who has designed the THALACETOR underwater optics.

With help from Hedén Engineering AB, Bim AB, Poseidon Industri AB and CMC Sweden AB and some other contributions the second housing was ready.

During our work with TRITON Mr Laurent developed a brand new underwater-correktor - the greatest breakthrough in uw-optics since the middle of the fifties. Mr Laurent helpt us to design the front and the wiew-finder to TRITON. The front is an underwater-corrector, a 0.7x wide-angle lens and it has double security against leakage.

We started to use TRITON in our production in 1995, but now we are filming with a Panasonic POV in HD and a Lumix DMC-GH4 in a Nauticam housing. We use Atomos Shogun as well.

Tony Holm has shot the underwater pictures in the shortfilm "WAY OF THE FLOUNDER" by Johannes Stjärne Nilsson och Ola Simonsson. The film won "PRIX FICTION" 2005 in Festival Mondial de l´image Sous-Marine" in Marseille.

Our films in HD 1080p:
"Fish and Shrimp" made with a Panasonic POV HD camera 2015

"Backpackers" made with a POV HD camera. UW-film made in Super 16 2012

"Sid the Pike" made in Super 16 2011

"Thousand brothers a film about Perch" made in Super 16 2001

Our films made in Super 16 scanned to Digibeta SD:
"Gullmarsfjorden" a 51 minutes film about The Gullmar Fiord in Sweden 2006.

"These Jellyfishes!" 1997.

"Life In The North Sea" 1996.

Several of the films have been sold to other countrys for example Denmark, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, and Taiwan.

Our films made in ordinary 16 mm scanned to Digibeta SD:
"Pike!" 1993.

"Mar da Madeira, an underwater World" 1992.

"In Norwegian waters" 1991.

"Harbour seal" 1988.

"The lake" 1986.

"In Gullmar Fiord" 1984.

"I tropical waters" 1982.

"In nordic waters" 1975.