Sid the Pike

Press Release

The film is in the show in CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto June 5 – 10 among 275 films in 33 programs from a record 4 200 submissions!

The site Cinemablographer wrote about Sid the Pike:

..."The film, directed by Tony Holm, boasts some incredible underwater cinematography that follows one pike (named Sid) in his daily life in his lake. Sid the Pike looks like an observational documentary, but thanks to some expert cutting, shot/reverse shot, and point-of-view camerawork, the film transforms into an engaging narrative of the water’s food chain. Some scenes of Sid on the hunt might be too much for the wee ones; however, Sid’s post-catch happy-dance always keeps the mood lively. (I wonder if Sid sings "Les poissons" as he enjoys the catch of the day?)"

Thank you very much for that Patrick Mullen!

The film about Sid was recorded in a lake in Halland, Sweden for over three summers. The same pike was in its usual place at almost every dive. It became so used to me and my equipment that I could come very close and film even when it took its prey. But most of the time the pike stayed motionless on the bottom, except when it got a couple of fresh-caught fishes. Free lunch fit nicely, but otherwise it was work-shy mostly – just like the dodger Sid in a particular comic strip, so the pike got the name Sid.

The film is a co-production between AQUA PHOTO, Tony Holm and Film in Halland, film consultant Birgitta Olsson. SWEDISH FILM INSTITUTE, film consultant Andra Lasmanis and THE SWEDISH ARTS GRANTS COMMITTEE have supported the film.

Length: Nearly ten minutes. Available in HD 1080p. Recorded on film formats in Super 16. Scanned to full HD 1929x1080 in 4:4:4:4. Edited in Apple Final Cut Studio.

Audio: Tony Holm and CloudberrySound, Henry Ohlin.

The film shows how beautiful the environment used to be in an oligotrophic clearwater lake. Nowadays, the view is just a few meters and the water is yellowish brown instead of blue-green as it was about ten years ago.

Synopsis: Sid was a lazy pike that I dived with for more than three summers. The pike got used to me and was even waiting when I prepared diving. He was keen on free lunches so he got that and I got my best shots ever. I named him Sid because he reminded me of a Mr Fernwilter in the comic strip ”Ernie”.